Ravebo ProfiletRavebo ProfileThe department Process Equipment within Ravebo designs, produces, and implement advanced wet gas scrubbers. Over the years we have accumulated extensive knowledge of absorption and separation technology through research, development, and practical experience. Additionally, we offer comprehensive maintenance and optimization services for current installations or specific components, customized to their unique areas of specialization.

Ravebo provides a variety of gas cleaning systems, which consist of both vertical and horizontal scrubbers. These systems serve various purposes, such as quenchers, droplet separator systems, dust scrubbers, chemical scrubbers, and odour scrubbers. The selection of materials for these systems is done meticulously, taking into consideration the specific application requirements. The materials can range from plastic options like PE, PP, GFK to different types of stainless steel. In order to offer a comprehensive understanding of the system, Ravebo utilizes an Inventor package to create 3D presentations using Autodesk Inventor. These presentations can be seamlessly integrated into the customer's production installation. This approach not only reduces lead time and cut costs but also enables the customer to visualize the final outcome during the quotation stage.

The Process Equipment Department has the capability to offer the gas cleaning system either as a component of a larger project or as a complete turnkey solution. In this regard, Ravebo not only provides the scrubber itself, but also manages the entire process of installation, connection, and commissioning. The installation encompasses comprehensive piping, control cabinets, auxiliary equipment like dosing systems and rotating separators, pumps, fans, and all essential instruments. Moreover, the scrubber can be enhanced with a PLC control system, which guarantees seamless operation of the installation. This control system is programmed by Ravebo's skilled engineers and implemented directly at the project site.

Ravebo possesses essential competencies to successfully execute these projects, including a flexible organization, a design department with over 30 years of experience, an in-house assembly service, expertise in turnkey projects, and an application-oriented and pragmatic approach.

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