The vertical scrubber

The vertical scrubber

Optimizing Gas Cleaning with the Vertical Scrubber: A Revolutionary Approach to Hydrochloric Acid Vapor Recovery

The vertical scrubber

The vertical scrubber is a column in which the gas is absorbed directly by means of a counter current spray system to irrigate random packings. The vapor enters at the bottom through half a pipe to obtain a laminar airflow. The random packings (Pall rings) increase the contact area, with the aim of creating a better absorption process between the gas and the washing medium. The spray nozzle to flush the packings is a non-clogging full cone type.

Game-changing benefits

Discover the game-changing benefits of scrubbers and propel your business forward with our free whitepaper download.

Game-changing benefits

Discover the game-changing benefits of scrubbers and propel your business forward with our free whitepaper download.

Understanding Scrubber Constructions

Understanding Scrubber Constructions

A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Scrubber Constructions

Explore the intricacies of scrubber constructions in this comprehensive guide. Delve into the specifics of vane type separators, wire mesh demisters, open spray systems, hollow and full cone nozzles, and packed bed scrubbers. Understand the unique features and applications of these systems, essential for efficient gas and particulate separation in industrial settings. Gain insights into the engineering and operational principles behind these advanced environmental technologies.

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Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Explore Our Project Matrix

Completed Projects

Visit our Completed Projects page, where you can explore a selection of our successfully executed projects. Our interactive matrix showcases various types of scrubbers including gas scrubbers, dust scrubbers, and odor scrubbers. This matrix is organized by industry, process, emission type, and other key parameters, providing a comprehensive overview of our expertise and capabilities.

Whether you are interested in aeronautics, chemicals, food processing, or green energy, you will find detailed information on how our customized solutions effectively address specific environmental challenges. Each entry includes the type of scrubber used, the materials involved, and the process analyzers implemented, illustrating our commitment to tailored, efficient, and sustainable solutions. Dive into the matrix to see how we have helped clients across diverse industries achieve cleaner emissions and improved environmental compliance.
See it for yourself

Seeing is Believing

A Showcase of Our Expertise and Innovation

We hold a strong belief in showcasing tangible proof of our ability to solve complex problems and create unique solutions. It's in this section - "Seeing is Believing" - where we proudly present our realized projects. Each one is a testament to our expertise, innovation, and the effectiveness of our industrial scrubbers in removing water-soluble inorganic pollutants.

Whether it's a countercurrent, cross-current, or co-current scrubber configuration, we have time and again proved our competency and proficiency. From packed towers and tray columns to open-spray columns, our broad range of solutions demonstrates our commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Step into our world and see the transformation we bring through our sophisticated and carefully calibrated gas purification systems. Your journey into a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable industrial operation begins here.

Learn how a two-stage air scrubber with caustic soda and water can efficiently clean waste gas from roasting oven production lines and removing odor particles.

Horizontal chemical scrubber with three washing sections for the removal of fat baking fumes.

A custom-made vertical PP scrubber for a gas flow of 8,500 Nm3/h specially configured for the removal of fragrances and flavor containing gasses.

Upgrade your offal processing with our stainless-steel odor scrubber, equipped with removable spray pipes and a separate droplet separator housing. Learn more!

Our PP horizontal scrubber with integrated buffer tanks effectively washes out fumes' extraction from nickel baths. Learn more about our chemical scrubbers.

Learn about our custom-made horizontal open wash scrubber made of polypropylene, featuring a closed-loop system, designed for gas cleaning of a pyrolysis oven.

Keep your workspace safe with our custom-made polypropylene scrubber, designed for an interior setup. Learn more about our closed loop system scrubber.

Stainless scrubber column for vapor recovery from loading and unloading of tanker vessels at a tank park.

Horizontal scrubber to avoid emission of starch from a dryer system within the permitted environmental requirements.

Learn about our custom-made vertical plastic scrubber for efficient MBS removal. Our closed-loop system and demister ensure thorough cleaning with low pressure.

Efficiently separate acrylic acid from gas flow with our custom vertical scrubber. Closed-loop system with tangential spray nozzles for intensive cleaning.

Discover our custom-made scrubber for efficient AMD and ACN removal from purge flows, offering high throughput, low-pressure drop, and eco-friendly operation.

Discover how our odor scrubber for tobacco utilizes advanced technology to provide superior particle exchange and air quality.

Experience our advanced odor scrubber for fragrances & flavors, featuring a closed-loop system, two-stage washing, low-pressure loss, and efficient cleaning.

Eliminate odors with our efficient scrubber for roasting ovens, featuring a counter current design, three-stage cleaning, and automatic chemical dosing.

Complete chemical scrubber system consisting of a horizontal, rectangular housing which is made of AISI 316Lto reduce fat fumes.

Discover our naphtha scrubber for efficient benzene vapor recovery in tank parks, featuring laminar airflow, random packings, and a kerosene washing fluid.

Efficiently remove silicate dust particles with our scrubber, featuring cyclone separation, wet scrubbing, hollow cone spray nozzles, and Pall rings.

Efficiently clean pickling bath emissions with our two-stage scrubber, featuring laminar air flow, NaOH washing, and fresh water rinsing for optimal results.

Efficient hydrochloric acid vapor recovery with a vertical scrubber, counter current spray system, wire mesh demister, and a closed loop circulation system.

Discover our custom-made AISI 316L vertical scrubber with a closed loop system, alkaline-oxidative wash section, and advanced Siemens S7-1500 PLC control.

Discover our efficient vertical scrubber for air humidification & vapor recovery, featuring a counter current spray system, random packings, and wire mesh demis

A complete explosion proof scrubber installation consisting of three serial vertical columns for the removal of ethylene oxide.

Efficient odor scrubber system for slaughterhouses, featuring three washing sections with advanced chemical treatment, ensuring optimal odor control.

A complete horizontal counter current nh3 scrubber installation to reduce emissions and odor caused by ammonia and volatile organic compounds.

Three-stage countercurrent scrubber installation horizontal construction, outdoor arrangement, for the removal of a high ethanol concentration from a gas flow.

Discover our efficient acid scrubber for fertilizer plants, designed with an intensive cleaning system, low pressure loss, and easy maintenance features.

Our PP scrubber with tangential full cone spray nozzles and NaOH & NaOCl washing water can effectively remove hydrocyanic acid (HCN) and other acidic components

Discover efficient scrubbers for the food industry, designed for fine particle removal, with optimal washing sections, pre-separators, and low pressure loss.

Discover our efficient vertical scrubber designed for starch removal in the food industry, featuring counter current spray nozzles and a closed loop system.

Discover our advanced scrubber system for chemical waste plants, featuring quench vessels, SO2 removal scrubbers, and oxidation columns for optimal efficiency.

Discover our advanced counter current scrubber system for water treatment plants, designed for optimal gas treatment and efficient particle capture.

Our vertical construction scrubber is made of Polyphropyleen, can handle up to 7,000 Am3/h, and is equipped with advanced instrumentation.

Ravebo offers high-quality wet scrubber systems for the reduction of harmful gas emissions and odors in the industry.

Get a top-performing scrubber system from Ravebo, with remote support, disc separator, and cloud-based data storage for reliability. Contact us now!

Learn how a polypropylene scrubber reduces emissions in foam manufacturing. Discover its closed-loop circulation & automation with a Siemens S7-1500 PLC.

Syngas scrubbing methods for cleaner, safer use in energy applications. Learn about wet gas scrubbing technology and its benefits.

Green energy facility enhances waste gas purification by implementing a new absorber and optimizing processes for increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

Ravebo designs custom scrubber for butyric vapor acid, ensuring efficient purification of waste gas for animal feed production.

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