Scrubber for the removal of starch

Vertical Scrubber Design and Function

Scrubber for starch removalScrubber for starch removalThe vertical scrubber is a construction designed for efficient air humidification and washing, utilizing counter current spray nozzles. These tangential hollow cone nozzles provide optimal humidification and washing of the air, while a half pipe entry minimizes turbulence in the washing section.

Creating Laminar Airflow and Droplet Separation

To effectively humidify the air, the gas flow must first be made as laminar as possible. A vane type droplet separator is placed behind the spray nozzles, agglomerating the smallest particles and separating the coarsest parts. This process generates separable particles for the demister and prevents clogging or flooding.

Wire Mesh Demister and Closed Loop System

A wire mesh demister is mounted after the spray nozzles to capture water droplets entrained with the airflow. The spray water and droplets collect in the wire mesh demister and, by gravity, end up at the bottom of the scrubber. From here, a closed loop system pumps the water back to the spray nozzles for reuse. Discharging saturated liquid is necessary to maintain appropriate concentration levels in the washing water.

Gas flow rate : 50,000 Nm3/h
Temperature : 54 °C
Emission : consists of starch with 11% moisture
Emission value : 96 mg/Nm3
Particle size : between 0-50 μm
Dimensions : ø 3,500 mm
Height : 6,100 mm
Operating weight : 3,500 kg

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