Efficient scrubber for silicates (dust) removal

Dust Extraction and Cyclone Separation

Scrubber for silicates (dust)Scrubber for silicates (dust)Scrubber for silicates (dust) is designed to handle dust created during the grinding process. The dust is extracted to an existing cyclone, where a first separation of coarse dust particles occurs. The remaining fine dust particles, which are well soluble in water, are then processed by a wet scrubber.

Wet Scrubber for Ultra Fine Particle Removal

For ultra fine particles, a wet scrubber is installed, utilizing water as a transfer medium. The solid silicate dust particles dissolve very well in the water of the scrubber and are filtered out of the air effectively.

Intensive Contact between Air and Water

To achieve intensive contact between air and water, hollow cone spray nozzles with a fine droplet size distribution are used in the scrubber's first stage. This ensures that the fine particles are completely wet, which are then guided through a bed of random packings in the second stage.

Efficient Dust Particle Transfer with Pall Rings

Pall rings, with their large contact surface, are used in the second stage to ensure a very efficient transfer of the dust particles (captured by the water droplets) from the gas phase to the aqueous phase, resulting in an effective dust removal process.


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Gas flow rate : 5,750 Nm3/h
Gas temperature : max. 50ºC
Gas pressure : 973 mbar
Relative humidity : approx. 60%
Dust load : 3.5 g/Nm3
Diameter column : ø 1,300 mm
Height column : 5,500 mm
Material column : PP

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