Scrubber for Extracting Fumes from Nickel Baths

Effective contaminant removal with PP horizontal scrubber

Scrubber of a chemical surface treatment plantScrubber of a chemical surface treatment plantAre you concerned about fumes from nickel baths affecting your workplace safety? Our PP horizontal scrubber is the solution you need. Featuring two washing stages and integrated buffer tanks, this scrubber effectively removes contaminants from the air.

How it works

Stage 1

The contaminated gas enters the first stage of the scrubber via a side entry through a rectifier to obtain a laminar air flow. The gas is then guided through washing water droplets and mist with dissolved NaOH, which is distributed using spray nozzles. This first stage has its own water buffer, which must be pumped around.

Stage 2

The gas is then stripped of droplets by an intermediate separator. The intention is that a first separation of droplets will take place here. After this, the gas will be guided over a second washing stage with its own water buffer. At this washing stage, fresh water is distributed without additives by spray nozzles.

Final stage

As the contaminated gas passes through the scrubber's two washing stages, it is subjected to water droplets and mist containing dissolved NaOH to effectively remove the fumes from the nickel baths. These droplets are then separated from the gas in an intermediate separator before being further separated by a droplet separator. The resulting clean gas is then released back into the environment, while the removed droplets are disposed of safely. With this process, the scrubber ensures a safer and healthier workplace environment by preventing harmful fumes from spreading. Finally, the resulting droplets will be separated by a droplet separator, ensuring the efficient and thorough removal of contaminants

Flow : 12,000 Nm3/h
Dimensions : 3,600 x 1,500 x 1,200 mm

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