Scrubber for pickling baths and surface treatment

Pickling and Anodizing Process

Scrubber for pickling bathsScrubber for pickling bathsPickling is a process that affects the metal surface, removing dirt and fat, and providing a good surface preparation for subsequent steps. Anodizing is the electrochemical treatment of aluminum surfaces, creating an artificial oxide layer for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Polypropylene Horizontal Scrubber with Integrated Buffer Tanks

The scrubber, made of polypropylene, has a horizontal design and includes integrated buffer tanks. It consists of two stages for cleaning the contaminated gas generated during the pickling process.

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First Stage - Laminar Air Flow and NaOH Washing

The contaminated gas enters the first stage via a side entry through a rectifier, creating a laminar air flow. The gas is guided through washing water droplets and mist containing dissolved NaOH, which is distributed using spray nozzles. This stage has its own water buffer, and the gas is stripped of droplets by an intermediate separator.

Second Stage - Fresh Water Washing

The gas is guided over a second washing stage with its own water buffer. In this stage, fresh water without additives is distributed by spray nozzles. Finally, the resulting droplets are separated by a droplet separator.

Gas flow rate : 3,000 Nm3/h
Gas : HCl in air

Equipment and automation


  • Iwaki chemical resistant pump
  • Endress + Hauser flow meter on the distribution pipe
  • Endress + Hauser pH transmitter, pressure transmitter, and temperature transmitter in the external buffer
  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC in a Rittal stainless cabinet for system automation


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