Scrubber for gas cleaning of pyrolysis ovens

Premium AISI 316L Construction

Scrubber for gas cleaning of pyrolysis ovensScrubber for gas cleaning of pyrolysis ovensA custom-made vertical scrubber constructed entirely of AISI 316L, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The scrubber operates using a closed loop system, featuring an open spray washing section for optimal gas cleaning.

Comprehensive Scrubber Components

Complete with removable spray lances, tangential cone spray nozzles, agglomerator, separation bottom, end separator, and an external water buffer for the second washing section.

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Alkaline-Oxidative Wash Section

Featuring a wash section that utilizes caustic soda (NaOH) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solutions, with dosages determined by measured pH and free chlorine values.

Advanced control system

The system is equipped with a Siemens S7-1500 PLC in a Rittal stainless cabinet for reliable and precise control.

Total height : approx. 6,000 mm
Diameter : ø 800 mm
Gas flow rate : 1,500 – 3,000 – 4,500 Nm3/h
Gas temperature : 326 °C
Pressure : ambient

Gas composition

O2 : 10,7 %
CO2 : 5,9%
CO : 2,2 mg/Nm3
NOx : 86,6 mg/Nm3
SO2 : 0,77 mg/Nm3
VOC : 3,1 mg/Nm3
HCl : 0,4 mg/Nm3
HF : 0,037 mg/Nm3
NH3 : 0,035 mg/Nm3
Hg : 1,5 mg/Nm3
Metals : 181 mg/Nm3
Fine dust : 1,6 mg/Nm3

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