Scrubber for starch removal


Scrubber for starch removalScrubber for starch removalThe scrubber who is mounted behind the typesetting measuring dryer is intended to keep the emission of starch within the permitted requirements, but measurements have shown that the emission requirements are exceeded and therefore a new wet scrubber will be desired.

In the current scrubber, who has been switched behind the starch dryer, the air velocities are so high that no good capture of starch particles can be achieved here in combination with the high input concentrations. Based on this information, we recommend installing a horizontal washing section for the current wet scrubber so that a first separation of starch particles can take place.

In addition, the current scrubber of the dryer will also have to be optimized.

This optimization involves the application of an agglomerator in combination with a spray system. This spray system ensures wetting of the agglomerator so that it has an optimal efficiency, and no deposition of starch will take place. After the airflow has passed through the agglomerator, the entrained droplets will be captured by means of a fine separator.

Flow : 7,500 Nm3/h
Length : 4.000 mm
Width : 3.100 mm
Height : 3.200 mm
Material : AISI 316L

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Scrubber for starch removal

Scrubber for starch removal

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