Custom-Made Horizontal Open Wash Scrubber for removing fine dust

Closed Loop System with Polypropylene Scrubber

Scrubber for removing fine dustScrubber for removing fine dustOur custom-made horizontal open wash scrubber is made of polypropylene and operates on a closed loop system. The washing liquid, which consists of water, is pumped over very fine spray nozzles to effectively clean the gas. The washing liquid is discharged based on dirt load at a predetermined time interval, and water is automatically replenished to maintain the washing water level.

Design and sections

The scrubber is designed for an interior setup. The scrubber consists of a rectangular housing with a rectifier, a washing section with integrated washing liquid collection and a drip catcher. The laundry section is equipped with an access hatch. As a washing liquid for the first washing section, a neutral washing liquid can be used. The scrubber is constructed, seen in flow direction, from the following sections:

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Sections for effective cleaning

    • Spray section: for wetting and keeping the rectifier clean. Tangential solid hedgehog spray nozzles spray the entire surface, preventing carried (dust) particles from contaminating the slats of the rectifier. The spray section is equipped with an inspection hatch for easy maintenance.
    • Rectifier: for laminating the gas flow. The rectifier is made up of cassettes, in which slats are mounted for easy disassembly and cleaning. A rectifier is necessary to laminate the incoming turbulent airflow, otherwise, the airflow cannot be cleaned.
    • Washing section: consisting of tangential hollow cone spray nozzles, half of which are mounted in the same direction as the gas flow and the other half are mounted counter current. The section is equipped with several spray arms that create a long spray path, rinsing the inside of the washing section effectively due to their joint large flow rate. The nozzles are mounted with an overlapping spray image on several spray pipes in succession, creating an intensive cleaning system. This means that the contaminated gas cannot pass through the spray section without being moistened and cleaned, making random packing unnecessary and resulting in an extremely low pressure loss. The washing section is also equipped with an inspection hatch for easy access and maintenance.
    • Fine separator: for removing entrained droplets. The fine separator is made up of cassettes that can be easily disassembled for inspection and cleaning.


Dimensions (L x W x H) : 3,500 x 2,000 x 2,500 mm
Gas temperature : 20 °C
Gas flow : 35.250 Am3/h
Pressure drop : 400 – 500 Pa

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