Green Energy Facility and Waste Gas Purification

Biogas scrubberA green energy generation facility, which processes biological waste, employs strippers and an absorber to purify the waste gases. In order to enhance the efficiency of the stripping process and reduce the load on the biological components involved, the facility intends to implement certain optimizations. The primary optimization entails incorporating a second absorber, enabling the absorption to occur in two distinct stages.

Operational Challenges and Emissions

The current operational procedure is conducted in batches, which is not an optimal approach for these business operations. Additionally, at the same time emissions do occur during the cleaning process of the absorber (due to the use of random packings in the column). Another issue arises from blockages caused by the use of random packings in the current strippers and absorber. Consequently, periodic flushing with hydrochloric acid becomes necessary, and if this fails to yield the desired outcome, it may ultimately require the replacement of the packings.

Strategic Prioritization and Capacity Increase

Through various discussions, it has been established that prioritizing an increase in capacity, particularly through a continuous process, is crucial. The initial plan is to maximize the utilization of the existing systems and implement a neutral liquid discharge whenever possible.

Implementation of a New Absorber by Ravebo

Ravebo has developed and implemented an additional absorber with an open spray system that is positioned in front of the existing absorber from the gas flow perspective. This new absorber is utilized without the need for chemical dosing, with the purpose of neutralizing the blowdown of the current absorber. Furthermore, Ravebo has made modifications to the gas-side ductwork in order to integrate the new absorber into the process.

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