Custom-Made Vertical Scrubber for Gas Cleaning of a Pyrolysis Oven

Scrubber for gas cleaning of a pyrolysis ovenScrubber for gas cleaning of a pyrolysis ovenOur custom-made vertical scrubber is configured according to the specifications of the installation already present on-site and features a Siemens S7-1500 PLC. The scrubber works according to a pump-through system and consists of tangential hollow cone spray nozzles, half of which are mounted in the same direction as the gas flow and the other half are mounted counter-current. The scrubber also includes an agglomerator, removable spray pipes equipped with tangential cone nozzles, and a wire mesh demister. The flow rate of the installation is 10,000 Am3/hour.

Gas flow : 3,000 Nm3/h
Diameter : Ø 1,200 mm
Total height : 3,300 mm

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Operation principle

The fumes enter at the bottom of the scrubber through the quench, which has the function of protecting the scrubber against high temperatures. The fumes then enter the bubbler to ensure that a laminar airflow is created before passing along several spray arms that create a long(er) spray path. These nozzle arms are equipped with spray nozzles, mounted in the same and counter directions, rinsing the inside of the washing section effectively due to their joint large flow rate. The nozzles are mounted with an overlapping spray image on several spray pipes in succession, creating an intensive cleaning system. The wire-woven demister functions as a fine separator to remove droplets, with a high degree of separation and a low-pressure loss. The cleaned gas flow passes through the fan and can be emitted atmospherically without any problems.

Unique features

Our scrubber is complete with a fan mounted behind it to prevent contamination and ensure a slight dynamic vacuum in the pipework. The washing medium is recirculated, and the scrubber is equipped with a bubbler separator at the customer's request, which acts as a water lock and quench.

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