Scrubber for MBS removal

Scrubber for MBS removalScrubber for MBS removalThe custom-made vertical plastic (PP) dust scrubber is specially configured for the separation of MBS (sodium metabisulphite) dust particles from a process gas flow with a maximum throughput of 900 Nm3/hour. The scrubber works according to a so-called closed loop system

The spray section

The section is equipped with several spray arms that are mounted one after the other in order to obtain a long(er) spray path. The section is constructed in such a way that the spray nozzles, due to their joint large flow rate, rinse the inside of the washing section well at the same time. The nozzles are mounted with an overlapping spray image on several spray pipes in succession, creating a very intensive cleaning system. This means that the contaminated gas cannot pass through the spray section without being moistened and cleaned. As a result, a random packing is completely unnecessary, so that the pressure loss is very low and, above all, remains low.

Demister for droplet removal

The droplets caused by the sprayer must of course not be discharged to the outside air and must therefore be captured. This removal of the droplets is done with the help of a thread-woven demister

Washing process

For washing, process water is used to which NaOH is added that ensures a concentration higher than pH 11. The washing water is sprayed after each batch.


Gas flow rate : 140 – 900 Nm3/hour
Inlet temperature : ambient
Gas composition : Air with MBS dust particles
Washing fluid : Process water with NaOH
Total height : 8.300mm

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