Scrubber for vapor recovery

Scrubber for vapor recoveryScrubber for vapor recoveryThe vertical scrubber is a column in which the random packings are directly moistened by means of a spray nozzle. The spray nozzle used are of the type of a full cone type with which the wetting of the packings can be realized. At the inlet of the scrubber, a half pipe is provided to avoid turbulence in the washing section. This is followed by random packings, which provide an active surface area so that the gas particles are in intensive contact with the spray water for as long as possible. Behind the spray nozzles, a wire mesh demister is mounted to prevent liquid droplets from being entrained with the gas flow. The spray water droplets collected in the demister end up at the bottom of the column by gravity. From here, the liquid can be pumped back to the spray nozzle by means of a loop system. It is necessary to discharge regularly so that the concentrations in the washing water do not rise too high.

Minimum gas flow : 150 Nm3/h
Maximum gas flow : 400 Nm3/h
Storage temperature : 50 °C
Vapor temperature : 45 – 60 °CC

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Three vertical scrubbers, per scrubber consisting of:

  • column
  • wire mesh demister
  • random packings
  • support plate and hold down plate
  • air driven pomp
  • integrated buffer tank
  • demountable spray pipe with the spray nozzle

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