Advanced odor scrubber for fragrances and flavors

Customized Polyethylene Vertical Scrubber Design

Odor scrubber for fragrances and flavorsOdor scrubber for fragrances and flavorsOdor scrubber for fragrances and flavors is a custom-made polyethylene vertical scrubber, specially configured according to the specified specifications with a diameter of 1,600 mm and a height of 6,500 mm as a quench to cool the gas temperature.

Efficient Closed Loop System with Removable Spray Lances

The scrubber works according to a closed-loop system in which the washing sections consist of an open spray system. The scrubber is completed with removable spray lances equipped with tangential hollow cone spray nozzles divided into two sections, an agglomerator, separation bottom, and a wire mesh demister.

Two-Stage Washing Process for Effective Cleaning

The first washing stage is an alkaline wash section with a caustic soda solution. The dosage of caustic soda is based on the pH. Both washing sections consist of hollow cone spray nozzles, partly mounted co-current and the other part mounted counter current. The sections are equipped with several spray arms that are mounted on top of each other to obtain a long spray path. The sections are constructed in such a way that the spray nozzles, due to their joint large flow rate, rinse the inside of the washing section very effectively.

Overlapping Spray Pattern and Low Pressure Loss System

The spray nozzles are mounted with an overlapping spray pattern on several spray pipes in succession, creating a very intensive cleaning system. As a result, a structured or random packing is completely unnecessary, so that the pressure loss is very low and, above all, remains low. The chemicals are dosed in the buffer tank, where the conductivity of the washing water is measured. Based on these measured values, it is automatically drained and refreshed from the second (neutral section) and then the required amount of caustic soda can be dosed in the scrubber.

Second Washing Stage with Fresh Water and High-Quality Droplet Separator

The second washing stage is mechanically and hydraulically exactly the same configuration as the first washing stage. However, this section operates with fresh water and no chemicals are used. The droplet separator off the second section meets the highest possible requirements for mass inertia-based separators.


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Dry air flow : 5,110 kg/h
Water vapor flow : 244 kg/h
Total gas flow into scrubber : 5,354 kg/h
Inlet gas temperature : 90 °C
Gas flow rate : 5,600 Am3/h

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