Scrubbers for food industry (fine particle removal)

Process description

Scrubbers for food industry (fine particle removal)Scrubbers for food industry (fine particle removal)The scrubbing operation is based on a wash water recirculation using a centrifugal pump, which pumps the washing water out of the integrated buffer. The washing section, equipped with hollow cone nozzles, effectively captures particles through intensive contact between the washing liquid and the process gas. The scrubber is particularly suitable for irregular concentrations, as peak discharges are largely absorbed by the counter current washing principle.

Efficient Washing Section Design

The washing section features fully removable multiple spray lances mounted above each other for a longer spray path. Clog-free tangential hollow cone nozzles produce fine droplets to capture as many dust or gas particles as possible. The overlapping spray pattern creates an intensive cleaning system, and the pressure loss remains low due to the absence of random packings. Washing water quality is maintained through conductivity measurement.

Pre-Separator and Agglomerator

A pre-separator, either a lamella separator or wire mesh demister, is mounted above the washing section. It is designed to separate coarse drops, reduce liquid loading, and function as an agglomerator, allowing small droplets to merge into larger ones for optimal final separator performance.

Final Separator and Emission

To minimize washing medium loss, a final separator in the form of a fine wire mesh demister is installed above the pre-separator. This configuration ensures high droplet separation with a relatively low-pressure loss. After the final separator, the gas flow is directed to the centrifugal fan to compensate for pressure loss, and the gas flow can then be emitted.

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Scrubbers for food industry (fine particle removal) 1Scrubbers for food industry (fine particle removal) 1Specification’s scrubber 1

Total height : 3,550 mm
Diameter buffer : 1,000 mm
Diameter column : 600 mm

Specification’s scrubber 2

Total height : 3,400 mm
Diameter buffer : 800 mm
Diameter column : 450 mm

Package systems

  • Stainless steel 316 housing
  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC in Rittal cabinet
  • BRL accredated dosing system
  • KSB centrifugal pumps
  • Endress + Hauser instrumentation
  • Centrifugal fan
  • ECON valves
  • Iwaki magnet drive dosing pumps

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