Advanced Odor Scrubber for Tobacco

Tangential Flow Spray Nozzles for Improved Liquid-Gas Integration

Odor scrubber for tobaccoOdor scrubber for tobaccoOur odor scrubber for tobacco is equipped with multiple spray arms featuring tangential flow spray nozzles. These nozzles provide better liquid-gas integration, resulting in a uniform droplet distribution of small to medium size drops over a ring-shaped surface. The positioning of the nozzles creates a large part of the nozzles spray against each other, resulting in an even better exchange of particles.

High-Efficiency Rectifiers for Optimal Gas Flow

Our scrubber features high-efficiency rectifiers with flow-advantaged lamellae, which generate a very small pressure drop. As a result, the gas distributes itself over the total flow area, and the turbulence of the entering gas is annihilated, resulting in a laminar gas flow. This provides optimal conditions for effective odor control.

Aerodynamic Droplet Separators for Superior Particle Exchange

The droplet separators in our scrubber feature aerodynamic droplet lamellae that redirect the airflow with liquid droplets. The gas flows through the profiles, while the liquid droplets cannot follow this deflection based on their mass inertia. As a result, the droplets come into contact with the separation surfaces of the profile, where they agglomerate into larger droplets. This process ensures superior particle exchange and air quality.

Stainless Control Cabinet for Easy and Efficient Control

Our odor scrubber for tobacco comes with a stainless control cabinet that includes an in-house programmed Siemens S7-1500 PLC, providing easy and efficient control over the scrubber's operations.

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