Advanced Odor Scrubber for Offal Processing

tainless-Steel Quench for Optimal Odor Control

Odor scrubber for offal processingnOdor scrubber for offal processingOur odor scrubber for offal processing features a stainless-steel quench, based on an open-spray principle, with a gas flow rate of 23,000 Nm3/h. The quench is equipped with removable spray pipes, each of which is equipped with spray nozzles. The quench also has its own internal washing water buffer, ensuring optimal odor control during offal processing.

Separate Droplet Separator Housing for Superior Particle Exchange

Our odor scrubber includes a separate, attached, polypropylene droplet separator housing. The droplet separator housing is attached to the bottom of the quench, and the customer must provide support for this drip catcher housing. The drip catcher has a drain that drains into the washing water buffer of the quench. This ensures superior particle exchange and air quality during offal processing.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Our odor scrubber for offal processing is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The removable spray pipes and easy-to-access droplet separator housing make it simple to keep your system running smoothly, with minimal downtime.


Quench : AISI 316L 
Droplet separator : AISI 316L
Scrubbers : Polyethylene
Quench : Ø 600 mm, height 7.000 mm
Scrubbers (4 pcs in line) : Ø 2,000 mm, height 8,000 mm
Gas temperature incoming : ± 80 °C

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Package system

  • Stainless steel 316 housing
  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC in Rittal cabinet
  • BRL accredated dosing system
  • KSB centrifugal pumps
  • Endress + Hauser instrumentation
  • Centrifugal fan
  • ECON valves
  • Iwaki magnet drive dosing pumps

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