Customized Scrubber for efficient removal of AMD and ACN

Advanced Scrubbing System with High Throughput Capacity

Scrubber for removal of AMD and ACN Scrubber for removal of AMD and ACN A Scrubber for removal of AMD and ACN is a custom-made scrubber that is specially configured for the removal of AMD and ACN from a purge flow with a maximum throughput of 450 Nm3/h at ambient temperatures. The scrubbing operation is based on a half water recirculation by a centrifugal pump. The wash fluid container is also used as a first stage gas cleaning by a bubbling principle and as a seal pot.

Laminar Flow and Homogeneous Spray Pattern for Effective Cleaning

The bubbler develops a laminar flow of the vapor entering the scrubber (it is not possible to wash a turbulent flow). The laminar flow is then washed by several layers of spray pipes with tangential nozzles which are mounted co-current and counter current. The spray pattern is very homogeneous, and the water distribution is equal. This makes it possible to clean the gas with a very low and steady pressure drop without using packings which normally create a high pressure drop.

Separation of Contaminated Droplets and Clean Gas Release

The droplets with captured particles are now separated from the gas by a wire mesh demister, after which the clean gas can pass through the chimney to the environment. The half water used for the washing of the gas has to be purged if the level of contamination gets too high. This washing water can now be reused in the process.

Comprehensive Skid-Mounted Scrubber System Components

Above installation is being delivered on a skid and consists of:

  • PE housing with an integrated fluid container which also functions as an inbuilt bubbler;
  • Iwaki chemical resistant pump;
  • Six dismountable spray pipes with tangential nozzles;
  • Agglomerator;
  • Wire mesh demister for the separation of droplets from the gas flow;
  • Endress + Hauser flow meter on the distribution pipe;
  • Flow control valve on the distribution pipe;
  • Return pipe with an orifice for the washing water between the pump and the seal pot;
  • Endress + Hauser pH transmitter, pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter in the buffer;
  • Measuring tube which acts as a communicating vessel provided with a radar level transmitter;
  • Chimney through the roof with a rain cap and a sampling point.

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Gas flow rate : 18 – 450 Am3/h
Temperature : 60 °C
Design pressure column : 10 mbar

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