Naphtha scrubber for efficient vapor recovery (benzene)

Scrubber System for Tank Park Vapor Recovery

Naphtha scrubber for vapor recovery (benzene) Naphtha scrubber for vapor recovery (benzene)Naphtha scrubber for vapor recovery (benzene) is designed for use in a tank park, recovering vapors that escape during the transportation of liquids from vessel to tank and from tank to truck. The scrubber consists of a cylindrical vertical column which rests on welded legs and features two sections for washing out naphtha particles.

Laminar Airflow and Random Packings for Improved Contact

The vapor enters at the bottom through half a pipe to obtain a laminar airflow. The random packings (Pall rings) above it serve to increase the contact area, aiming to create a better and longer exchange between the gas and the washing medium. The spray nozzle that ensures the flushing of the packings is a full cone type.

Kerosene Washing Fluid for Benzene Dissolution

Kerosene is used as a washing fluid to dissolve the benzene, ensuring an effective cleaning process for the vapor recovery system. 

Wire Mesh Demister for Droplet Capture

The resulting droplets in the housing cannot be discharged to the environment and must therefore be captured. The removal of the droplets is extracted with a wire mesh demister, ensuring a thorough and environmentally friendly vapor recovery process.

Gas flow rate : 80 Nm3/h
Diameter : ø 600 mm
Height : ± 3.500 mm
Material : AISI 316L
Pressure : ambient

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