Acid scrubber for a fertilizer plant

Gas sided construction of the scrubber

Acid scrubber for a fertilizer plantAcid scrubber for a fertilizer plantThe acid scrubber features a spray section designed to wet and keep the rectifier clean. Full cone spray nozzles are employed to cover the entire surface, preventing particles from contaminating the rectifier profiles. A rectifier is necessary for laminating the gas flow, as the incoming turbulent airflow cannot be cleaned otherwise. To ensure easy maintenance, both the spray section and the washing section are equipped with inspection hatches.

Efficient Washing and Cleaning System

In the washing section, hollow cone spray nozzles are used, partly mounted co-current and counter current, to create an intensive cleaning system. This ensures that contaminated gas cannot pass through the spray section without being moistened and cleaned. As a result, a packing is unnecessary, maintaining a low pressure loss. The washing section operates with a closed-loop system, using an integrated buffer tank to measure the pH value of the washing liquid.

Double Droplet Separator for Fine Separation

A double droplet separator serves as a fine separator, removing the entrained droplets. Its characteristics include a low pressure drop, high liquid load, insensitivity to clogging, and a large velocity potential. The scrubber's compact and lightweight design allows for easy removal and cleaning of the cassettes via an access hatch.

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Gas flow rate : 24,000 Nm3/h dry
Gas temperature : 45°C
Pressure : 4 mbarg
Gas composition : Air with Cl2, Br2, HCl, HBr, SO2 and SO3
Dimensions (l x w x h) : 3.080 x 1.800 x 2.300 mm
Material : HDPE

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