Odor scrubbers for roasting oven - How to Clean Waste Gas from Production Lines

Efficiently Cleaning Waste Gas from Roasting Oven Production Lines

Odor scrubbers for roasting ovenIf you're looking for an efficient way to clean the waste gas from the ovens on your production lines, a two-stage air scrubber with odor scrubbers might be the solution for you. However, since the gas contains odor-containing fat vapors and (dust) particles, the scrubber must be suitable for both applications.

Using a Two-Stage Air Scrubber with Odor Scrubbers

To address this issue, a horizontal open washing section made of stainless steel 316L can serve as a scrubber. This scrubber consists of a rectangular housing with rectifiers, two washing sections with integrated washing liquid collection and droplet separators. Both wash sections are equipped with an access hatch.

The Importance of Caustic Soda and Water in the First Stage

The first stage of the scrubber uses caustic soda dissolved in water to separate fat-bound odor particles by means of saponification. The second stage only uses water to neutralize any remaining chemical components. The connection cone at the gas entrance is equipped with an inspection hatch, and the housing is equipped with connection cones to a pipe diameter of Ø 800 mm. As desired, the cassettes with rectifiers and droplet separators can be divided into two more manageable parts.

Compact and Easily Removable Cassettes for Cleaning 

The droplet separators are so-called vane types that are mounted in cassettes on a rail in the scrubber. The cassettes in which the profiles are mounted are kept compact, making them easy to remove via an access hatch. If the slats need to be cleaned over time, this can be done very easily by removing the cassettes and cleaning them with a (high) pressure cleaner.

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Air flow rate : 20,000Nm3/ h
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 4.000 x 1.500 x 1.500 mm
Housing material : Stainless steel 316L
Material separators : PP

Improving air quality and regulations

Overall, by using a two-stage air scrubber with odor scrubbers, you can efficiently clean waste gas from roasting oven production lines, removing both odor particles and dust particles. This solution can help improve the air quality in your production facility and ensure compliance with local regulations.

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