Advanced scrubber for water treatment plant

Counter current scrubber design

Scrubber for water treatment plantScrubber for water treatment plantThe counter current scrubber features a horizontal, rectangular housing made of stainless steel 316L, mounted on an AISI 316L frame, including the fan for efficient operation.

Counter current washing process

With counter current washing, the washing liquid and gas to be purified move in opposite directions. This process ensures that as the gas becomes cleaner, contamination in the washing liquid decreases, maintaining the cleaning efficiency throughout the installation.

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Importance of Hollow Cone Nozzle Positioning

Proper positioning of hollow cone nozzles in the scrubber is crucial for optimal gas treatment, as it allows for effective particle capture through intensive contact between the washing liquid and process gas.

Scrubber Construction and Components

The scrubber's construction features a spray section for wetting the rectifier and two washing sections for capturing dust particles and water-soluble components. The washing section utilizes hollow cone spray nozzles, both co-current and counter current, for optimal performance.

Efficient Cleaning System and Maintenance

The washing section's spray arms and overlapping spray pattern create an intensive cleaning system, preventing contaminated gas from passing through without being cleaned. This design eliminates the need for random packings, keeping pressure loss low. Inspection hatches in the spray and washing sections allow for easy maintenance checks.

Length : 3,600 mm
Width : 650 mm
Frame height : 200 mm
Total height : 1,000 mm
Material : RVS 316L
Gas flow rate minimum : 1,650Nm3/h
Gas flow rate maximum : 3,030Nm3/h
Gas temperature : 150 °C
Relativ humidity : 95 %
Dust load : 1,500mg/Nm3
Process pressure : atmospheric
Gas composition : air with, among other things, butyric acid, hydrogen sulfide and propionic acid
Acidity : pH 7+
Calcium containment : > 50 mg/l

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