Chemical Scrubber

Chemical scrubbers function as an emission control system

Chemical Scrubber ColumnsThe common chemical scrubber utilizes a centrifugal fan and is containing chemical reagents and additives. The contaminated gas is passed through the chemicals where the odor components or hazardous chemical components dissolve while the clean gas is released through the chimney. This way, chemical scrubbers act as emission control systems.

The efficiency of the chemical scrubber

The efficiency of the chemical scrubber depends on the mass transfer of divergent phases and the amount of time taken by the gas in the integration phase. This implies that chemical scrubbers should be designed to meet the desired absorption and removal efficiencies. A chemical scrubber with a packing usually has a large exchanging surface giving an excellent integration of contaminants with the washing liquid. However, its high volume can cause an unwanted pressure drop and has a higher risk of clogging, making it ineffective for large installations. This issue can be solved by using an open spray system.

The distribution of washing liquid in the chemical scrubber

The distribution of washing liquid is usually achieved through drainage holes and drainage pipes with random packings and nozzles. However, chemical scrubbers with an open spray system lack random or structured packings, and thus they should compensate for the small reaction surface.

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The cleaning process in the chemical scrubber

Horizontal Chemical Scrubber SystemChemical dosing and water treatment are done by recirculating the washing liquid using a centrifugal pump. Since water hardness influences the efficiency of the chemical scrubber cleaning process, water softeners or a water de-ironing system might be used. Soluble gas contaminants can be eliminated by using a lot of washing water as an open flush system without re-pumping it around the system. However, since chemicals are directly dosed into washing water, the washing water becomes the washing liquid.

The emitted gas quality is measured by tracking the washing liquid’s quality, such as its pH and chlorine levels. Besides, a specific analyzer is used to reliably control the emission by instantly assessing the presence of any remaining contaminants in the gas. It is paramount to design the chemical scrubbers while considering factors such as material quality, weight, resistance to corrosion, and foundation and support to ensure increased efficiency. Stainless steel is usually preferred for chemical scrubbers since it meets these qualities.

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